How to Get to the Bottom of a Sewer Line Problem

Plumbing problems can be complicated to repair because they can stem from a number of different things. If you are having a serious plumbing problem that you believe the main sewer line is the problem, there is a way for you to possibly diagnose it on your own. For example, you can rent an articulating borescope to take a look into the main sewer line before calling a plumber for assistance. In this article you will find a few suggestions that can help you get to the bottom of your plumbing problem before paying a plumber to make repairs.

Place a Snake Inside of the Plumbing Lines

One of the common techniques for diagnosing a sewer line problem is to attempt clean the system out. Invest in a plumbing snake that is of a high quality and try to clean the lines out with it. Simply place the snake inside one of the drains so it can move through the lines to break up debris. Snakes actually wiggle in a way that helps them to clear out large amounts of debris. If your plumbing system is still problematic after using the snake, the main sewer line might actually be the root cause of the problem.

Test All of the Plumbing Fixtures

It is in your best interest to test all of the plumbing fixtures in your house to make sure they are fully functional. For example, you want to make sure each fixture is able to drain out water without a struggle. If more than one of the fixtures has problems with draining water out, it points to the main sewer line being problematic. However, if only one of the fixtures has problems, you should focus your attention on the pipes that is connected to it. There might simply be a small clog that is causing the fixture to malfunction.

Rent an Articulating Borescope for the Main Sewer Line

It is worth making an investment in an articulating borescope rental for diagnosing the main sewer line. The piece of equipment will basically give you a good look inside of the sewer line to find out if it is causing plumbing problems in your house. You will be able to see live footage of debris, animal carcasses, tree roots and other things of concern that is in the pipe. You can also record the footage and show it to a plumber if you end up needing the sewer line to get thoroughly cleaned or repaired. 

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