Have This Information Ready When Requesting A Video Production Bid

Are you ready to seek out a video production company to help make your corporate video? If so, know that there is not a simple answer to how much that it will cost to make. You'll quickly discover that there are a variety of factors that go into making up the final production costs, which a producer will use to give you an accurate price estimate so that there are no surprises. That's why it helps to have the following information when getting a bid to make your video.

The Script

The most important thing you can have ready to go is the script. The producer can look at the script and get a lot of insight over what is involved in the overall production. Even if your job seems to be simple, having the actual script on hand can help answer any questions regarding the hours that it will take to produce the script.

The Talent

One thing that may not be apparent in the script is how many talent are involved to make it all come together. Not only do talent need to be paid as part of being in the video, but the production company will need to do a casting search to find the right person. This can be quite a bit of work depending on how many talent are needed for the video. Even voice over have plenty of options to pick from, with either male or female voices that sound quite different from each other.

The Locations

Your production costs are going to grow depending on how many locations you need to shoot at. Multiple shooting locations can even extend a single day production into multiple days when you factor in the time to travel and set up equipment. Try limiting your locations or shooting in a studio to speed up production time and lower your cost.

The Graphics

There will be graphics involved with your video, which will affect the overall price of your production depending on the extent of the graphics that you need. The graphic elements will be considered part of the post-production process, and will be bid based on how many hours are estimated to create the graphics. This time also allows for revisions so that you can make changes after you've seen them for the first time.

Reach out to a local commercial video production company for help creating your upcoming video.

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